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Staff Training

Training your staff can be rather cumbersome when using an accounting software. Why? Because the software is usually customized to fit each individual business. Although there are many training tools at your disposal, it is critical to use the software according to your company's unique procedures and tasks. Therefore your training must be just as unique as your company file.

We offer hands-on individual and group training sessions for you and your staff. We customize our sessions to fit your company's specific procedures and tasks with the goal of improving efficiencies.


We strive to make the learning experience an enjoyable one providing ongoing communication and support to your staff during the training process.


We customize our training to your unique business practices and procedures. Once we have established tasks and objectives, we then develop a unique training process to support your accounting activities and tasks.


Typical training sessions are sectioned into 3 to 4 classes, focusing on specific processes and using your software for personalization and greater understanding of healthy accounting/bookkeeping procedures.

During the training period, staff will have full accessibility to trainers for questions and followup. Homework may be distributed!


We believe staff development and training is a critical tool for employee growth and retention. It offers your staff substantial tools and skills which will open opportunities for them to develop from within their jobs and ultimately help your business grow and expand.

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